Increased sales efficiency, better customer experience

How AI-powered predictions are helping a leading property company to make great decisions.

Who are you?

We are Bruntwood, a leading regional property company with over 100 office and retail spaces across the UK. We aim to provide growing, ambitious businesses with the space and facilities they need to continue to scale. Our properties are tailored to meet the requirements of all our customers with a strong focus on building a community and an environment that our customers love being a part of.

What was your challenge?

We are a pioneering property firm, passionate about embracing new ideas and technologies. We’ve gathered a wealth of valuable data from across multiple systems over the last few years, so a key challenge was around unlocking that data’s potential and operationalizing it to drive business success and positive outcomes.

We wanted to optimize and improve the efficiency of our sales processes to increase conversion rates and maximize our square footage opportunity. With this in mind, we were also looking to increase retention rates, by offering an end-to-end, lead-to-customer journey that is second-to-none.

Peak’s team help us make our business systems smarter with AI. Peak gives our team the ability to access real-time, highly-accurate predictions to help us prioritize those leads who are likely to become Bruntwood customers, with a view to increasing conversion rates and delivering a great customer experience.

Sam Wilson

Solutions Architecture Director, Bruntwood

What did Peak do?

We turned to Peak and AI in order to gain a better understanding of our customer pipeline and be able to predict who will become a customer. Peak’s models have been integrated seamlessly into our Salesforce system, and leverage data from a wide variety of sources to automatically rate potential customers in terms of conversion likelihood. This is done on a scale of one to five, and automatically adjusts and updates in real-time as the lead moves through the sales cycle.

AI’s predictive power is able to spot companies that are in Bruntwood’s ‘sweet spot,’ allowing us to prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert and to react accordingly to any significant changes in the company’s growth patterns. It also helps us to identify companies in our existing customer base that we should be paying particular attention to, in order to make sure we’re still providing them with what they need.

We’re aiming to set an example for the rest of the property industry with a pioneering approach to AI and making more of our data – and Peak is a huge part of that strategy. They’ve been full of ideas and suggestions and have been consistently helpful and supportive, understanding our ambitions and aligning their priorities to them. It feels like we’re all part of one team.

Sam Wilson

Solutions Architecture Director, Bruntwood

What’s the upshot?

Our commercial team is able to leverage Peak’s AI-powered predictions to prioritize who to target, identify who is more likely to churn, and turn more leads into sales. With this AI infrastructure now in place, we’re ready to scale our AI strategy across other areas of the business. We’re very customer experience-focused, and AI will play a pivotal role in helping us to provide Bruntwood customers with a best-in-class experience to help us form more long-term partnerships with members of our community.

We’re in constant communication with the Peak team who are helping to continually develop, test and enhance the models to improve accuracy and drive beneficial business outcomes for Bruntwood. With several shared values and a strong focus on culture and people, our working relationship with Peak is a big part of the project’s success.

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