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Masters of AI is an event series focusing on real word applications of AI to business leaders. Run by AI experts and aimed at business professionals (rather than tech experts or data scientists), Masters of AI is about taking a straightforward, practical and understandable approach to AI for business.

One of the aims of the event is to build an exciting new community of forward-thinking, innovative business leaders who understand that putting data at the heart of their business strategy will set them up for long term success.

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Devbase is home to a community-based event series designed to support digital innovation. It focuses on growing personal development and is a place for engineers to connect with other digital professionals, thought leaders and employers in the space.

Devbase aims to build a knowledge hub of learnings and skills and make it accessible for all, covering a broad range of engineering topics and themes that could help in your development. This includes best coding practices, emerging technologies, AI integration and infrastructure as code (IaC), – as well as tips for building soft skills and supporting mental health in the workplace.

We organise regular Devbase meetups for engineers from all fields of expertise, including: software development, machine learning, DevOps and AI Engineering, to name just a few. Anyone can get involved, present their work or just benefit from the great learning and networking opportunities available to all.

The audience will be made up of DevOps, software engineers, QA, students and company CTOs from various tech companies and backgrounds.

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Ensemble is an artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science event held regularly at Peak HQ in Manchester, or virtually online.

Like an ensemble model, it allows learning through exposure to a diverse set of experiences. Each month, a top researcher from the fields of computer science, statistics or operational research will be invited to present their work. The audience will be made up of data scientists, software engineers, researchers and company CIOs from tech companies and universities.

Ensemble is a great opportunity to learn and network with fellow professionals and academics in the field.

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An original business podcast series, brought to you by Peak.

The aim of the series is to share the real life stories of the visionary business leaders who are successfully harnessing the power of enterprise AI technology today – exploring the great decisions they made along the way on their AI journeys.

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