Watch this webinar to prepare for Google third-party cookie phase-out

The death of the third-party cookie

Date: 22 October 2020

Google recently announced a two-year wind down of third-party cookie tracking availability on its Chrome browser, following in the footsteps of Safari and Firefox.

For many, this news may have slipped under the radar – but the importance of this change cannot be underestimated.

This on-demand event will help you better understand the impact of Google’s cookie phase-out and the implications it has for advertisers, marketers and digital teams.

Our speakers discussed topics like marketing data management, creating a seamless customer journey that can be tracked through to sale, and how artificial intelligence (AI) can prepare brands for this new era in advertising.

The Speakers

Matt Wheeler

CEO & Founder, Driftrock

Miya Knights

Head of Industry Insight, EagleEye

Robyn Scott

Commercial Manager, Peak

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