Webinar on the combination of RPA automation and machine learning AI

Automation meets machine learning

Date: 13 August 2020

This webinar will brought together professionals with a shared interest in utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to drive tangible business outcomes.

With a focus on the retail, consumer goods, and manufacturing industries, our panel tabled discussions around the core principles of the modern business.

Watch on-demand now to hear our speakers cover a wide range of topics centered around driving automation with machine learning. They explain why businesses need to embrace new technologies to win in the modern market, and why process automation and AI are the ultimate dream team!

If you’re interested in process automation, AI and ML, this is one webinar you simply cannot afford to miss.

What's on the agenda?

RPA : The Path to AI - Arif Khan looks at why RPA and AI are two technologies with a natural affinity.

AI + Humans + RPA - A new dream team! Martin Sutton explains how this combination will enhance our work lives so we have more time to focus on the things we love.

Q&A discussion - Our panel welcome questions from our audience on a wide range of topics.

Introduction - From Peak's Tom Summerfield.

The Speakers

Arif Khan

AI Ninja, UiPath

Martin Sutton

Business Development Director, Peak

Tom Summerfield

Customer Development Director, Peak

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