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AWS retail & CPG leadership community: AI and machine learning

Date: 2 April 2020

Peak, AWS, Intel, and a community of retail leaders came together to deliver talks on delivering business value through the adoption of AI and machine learning.

The focus of this virtual event is around use cases such as inventory optimization, allocation and assortment, demand forecasting, recommendations and personalization.

Join our experts on demand as they explore the ways businesses taking a data-driven approach to decision making are reducing waste, increasing profitability, growing faster and driving sustainability.

The Speakers

Chris Checco

Global Leader, Customer Intelligence & Machine Learning Strategy, AWS

Fabio Luzzi

Head of Decision Science and AI, Tapestry

Tom Litchford

Head of Worldwide Business Development (Retail), AWS

Mohsen Malik

Principal Business Development Manager, Team Lead, AWS

Martin Sutton

Business Development Director, Peak

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