Peak CEO Richard Potter presents on the Growth Summit stage of Lisbon's Web Summit 2021
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Peak speaks at Web Summit 2021

By Jon Taylor on November 15, 2021

The first week of November 2021 may well just go down as one of the most fondly-remembered in Peak history.

Just 24 hours before we launched our inaugural AI and Decision Intelligence Summit, AltitudeX, a handful of the team were 1,000 miles away from Manchester in sunny Lisbon, Portugal.

Peak CEO and co-founder, Richard Potter, presented on the world-renowned conference’s Growth Summit stage, delivering a compelling talk on ‘Advancing AI with Decision Intelligence.’ AI offers limitless possibilities but, with commercial solutions infamous for their low success rates, are we focusing on the wrong thing?

In this session, Richard discussed how Decision Intelligence is advancing the commercial application of AI with solutions built from ‘end-to-outcome’, and changing the way the world works in the process.

AI will become fundamental to the future of enterprise. Every business will need an intelligence that draws on every piece of data and uses it to help people make decisions in a way we simply couldn’t before. This is Decision Intelligence, the commercial application of AI to power decision making.

Richard Potter

CEO and co-founder, Peak

Web Summit, which was originally held in Dublin, Ireland before making the permanent switch to Lisbon in 2016, is one of the biggest dates in the tech calendar. Attracting a diverse audience of more than 42,000 people, the four-day conference invites some of the world’s most forward-thinking, innovative companies to showcase how their work is redefining the tech industry.

During his talk, Richard teased the forthcoming Peak announcement that, from January 2022, the Peak platform would be available to more businesses, enabling them to build their own Decision Intelligence solutions for the first time. Richard went on to elaborate on these plans during his opening AltitudeX keynote the following day.

You can now watch Richard’s Web Summit Lisbon 2021 presentation on demand via the link below. Enjoy!

Peak at Web Summit 2021

Richard Potter discussed how Decision Intelligence is advancing the commercial application of AI.

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