Peak & Intel AI fireside chat

Peak & Intel AI fireside chat

Peak’s Mark Douthwaite sat down with Walter Riviera, AI Technical Solutions Specialist at Intel, for a very special AI fireside chat. Hosted at the O’Reilly and Intel Artificial Intelligence Conference in London, the two AI enthusiasts covered a wide range of topics around tech, AI for business, and machine learning techniques.

Watch the video to hear Mark, AI Engineer at Peak, outline Peak’s approach to helping our customers bring AI into the core of their businesses, and why we believe the technology will power all businesses in the near future.




Enjoy this AI fireside chat? To find out more about Mark and what his role as an AI Engineer at Peak involves, check out this recent “a day in the life” article from Econsultancy. The Q&A piece explores what a typical day looks like for Mark at Peak, as he cuts through the hype and explains the true power of AI for modern businesses.

If you’re looking to find out more about the potential of AI in your business and how you can harness your data to your advantage, be sure to download a copy of our free guide, ‘How to Get Started With AI.’ It outlines the five key steps that your business should be looking to take in order to bring artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies into the center of your operation to drive growth, increase efficiencies and improve sustainability. 👇

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