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Infographic: Overcoming five barriers to AI adoption

By Jon Taylor on December 5, 2019

In modern business, it's no secret that AI adoption rates are on the up. In fact, recent statistics from McKinsey show that enterprise AI adoption has increased by as much as 25% year-on-year in 2019 as more and more businesses look to harness the potential of this exciting technology and use it to their competitive advantage.

However, wanting to introduce AI into your business and then actually doing it are two very, very different things. Every business looking to become AI-driven will, at some stage, come across a handful of hurdles and challenges that they will need to overcome if they’re to be successful on their AI journey.

In our latest high-level infographic, we take a quick look at some of these AI adoption challenges, and outline the ways Peak’s unique approach to AI for business can help you overcome them.

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The five barriers

The barriers to AI entry can be a wide range of issues, whether they’re to do with recruiting the right kind of skillset in your team or more around being able to actually action the insights AI has uncovered for your business. The five covered in our infographic, and the steps we can take to overcome them, are:

Getting started with AI

Our approach makes AI accessible, giving your business the system and skills it needs to become AI-driven.

Budget limitations

Peak’s commercial model is focused on delivering ROI, and is much cheaper than handling an AI project in-house.

Messy, siloed and complex data

Our AI System can handle data in any format, no matter how messy – whatever it is or wherever it’s stored.

Difficulty attracting and hiring the best AI talent

Gain access to our brilliant minds – from data scientists to engineering experts – who shine a light on your AI opportunity.

Problems encouraging adoption of AI across the business

Peak provides ongoing support and expertise to ensure your team is ready to succeed with AI!

We hope you find the infographic useful and insightful. If you’d like to find out more about the ways Peak could help your business to overcome these barriers to AI adoption, we’d be happy to answer your questions – you can contact us here.

View the infographic


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