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Work is where great decisions happen

Work is where commercial leaders go to interact with the outputs of Dock and Factory.

Work gives you data, insight, suggestions and recommendations, visualised and made easy to action. Predictive models made over vast and complex data can be actioned rapidly, with full sight of the predicted outcomes.

This is where they can make AI-driven decisions, all the time.

Your commercial decision making will never be the same again



Our dashboards, visualisations, graphs, predictions and built in explainability help you quickly understand what decision to make, and have the buttons right there to allow you to action things straight away.



Consume outcomes in a number of ways. Inject AI into your day-to-day software e.g. CDPs and ERPs. Create completely unique dashboards and consume outputs in the way that works for you.



Commercial leaders can now supercharge their decisions with AI. With built in explainability and ability to drive action straight from the platform, you can fully trust the recommendations and focus on decision making.



With multiple solutions on Peak you can have a holistic understanding of the impact of a decision you make on the rest of the business. Work is a hive of intelligence that the whole company can benefit from.

Making AI accessible

Work is the final step to driving outcomes with Decision Intelligence. It’s a way for non-technical business users to easily interface with intelligence, to ask questions, to action suggestions quickly and easily – to move from insight to decisions, to impact, rapidly.

We designed Work to be flexible, your interface can be an app, dashboard, API deployment to your existing systems, or a file download – whichever works best for you.

Start using your intelligence to drive outcomes

Work bridges the gap between data science and business users, it gives you an accessible interface with explainability where you can make actions.

App deployment

Visualise, interact with and make sense of intelligence so you can quickly make decisions. And with built in explainability you can have full trust in the decisions you make.

API deployment

API deployment makes it easy to serve AI-driven recommendations straight to the systems you already use, without the need for engineering support.

Data access

Work the way you want. Peak is all about flexibility, data access allows you to download intelligence and recommendations in CSV files and drive Decision Intelligence in a way that suits your business.

Embrace the opportunities of the Intelligence Era, today

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