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21 Day Personalize Challenge

Can Machine Learning improve your website conversion rate in 21 days? Put us to the test.

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We’d like to help you, free of charge!

At Peak, we are passionate about delivering great customer experience. That’s why we’ve teamed up with AWS and have integrated their Personalize algorithm onto our Decision Intelligence platform. This same algorithm is used by Amazon at the core of their retail operations. Want to see if it can help you and your business?

How can this help you?

The 21 Day Personalize Challenge is designed to show how AI-driven personalization can help you grow your eCommerce revenue and rapidly identify more opportunities to improve your sales from digital marketing. Some of the major benefits are…

  • Boost Revenue

    AI has the potential to identify hundreds of ‘micro-personas’ to create an ‘audience of one’ experience for your customers. Reach them with the right offer, at the right time, at the right place, and see revenue increase by 28%, as it did for one fashion retailer.

  • Increase Average Order Value

    Greater accuracy on what people want allows you to put forward the right products, right when buying decisions are being made. Join this with Peak’s Pricing and Markdown optimization and you’ll be unstoppable.

  • Higher Purchase Frequencies

    When people feel a connection with a brand, they keep coming back. ‘Audience of one’ personalization drives customer loyalty and retention. This is where the power of AI can provide you the insight needed to create those human connections.

  • Find More Customers

    AI can remove the guesswork from which message to send to who and instead can provide laser-sharp focus for you advertising targeting. One fashion retailer saw a 8400% increase in return on ad spend using Peak.

The Challenge

We will help you run Amazon Personalize on your website to power customer product recommendations. After 21 days, we’ll provide a report on how it has impacted your key performance metrics. This is a great first step in understanding how personalization can help you increase revenue from your:

  • Email marketing
  • Search advertising
  • Social media advertising
  • Website and eCommerce platform
  • Direct-to-consumer marketing
  • Pricing and markdown strategies

Next steps

We’ve outlined each step of this process below. Once you have contacted us via our form at the bottom of this page, we will:


Set up a quick call

We’ll quickly assess your needs and confirm whether we can help.


Explain what’s possible

We’ll capture the scope of work after speaking with you to better understand what you’re trying to achieve.


Run Amazon Personalize on your website

We’ll send over a mutual NDA and secure a data link. Your data will stay safely in your systems, we’ll just gain access to what’s required to run the test.


Playback the results after 21 days

You’ll receive a customized report containing our findings, and we’ll schedule a video call to walk you through the results and address any questions.


Remove access to data

Our access to your data will be removed from our AWS cloud infrastructure once you instruct us to do so. None of your data will remain with us.


We have pulled together some FAQs on our 21 Day Personalize Challenge that will quickly answer your burning questions. If your question isn't below, just get in touch – we'll get an expert on the phone to you in no time.

What will the report tell me?

The report will tell you how Amazon Personalize performed in the challenge; how it affected your key performance metrics. It will also contain recommendations for expanding the use of Peak’s AI-driven Personalization within your business and what the financial opportunity could be.

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Will someone explain the results and answer any questions?

Yes, we’ll set up a call with you to walk you through the results. A Peak data scientist will be available on the call to discuss the results in detail.

How will performance be measured?

We will work with you on the best approach to A/B testing, to ensure alignment with your objectives. We can either work within your existing framework or use Amazon Personalize to test outcomes. To do this you will need to set up Amazon Personalize’s event streaming capability. You will need to then track experiment IDs and forward these to the Amazon Personalize event tracker. We will also work with you to define success criteria. When complete, Peak can then load tracking data from your website to provide a detailed analysis of Amazon’s Personalize’s performance over a given period of time.

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What data do you need?

To get started, you’ll need to provide at least a list of customer interactions. This list must include a unique identifier for each customer (e.g. account ID) and a unique identifier for each product or resource (e.g. SKU, URI) the customer interacted with, as well as a timestamp for when this interaction occurred. For example, this could be a list of all your customer transactions, or web page analytics data.

What tech resource is required from my side? Does my website need to be tagged?

Integration with Amazon Personalize will potentially require some development work on your side. You will need to embed new code and/or parts of the Amazon Personalize SDK within your website and/or infrastructure.

Getting started with Decision Intelligence

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Want to hear what the 21 Day Personalize Challenge could do for your business? Enter your email below to get the lowdown.