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Headless segmentation

The only way to win with your customers. Watch Peak's latest webinar to learn about a new approach to marketing.

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Watch Richard Potter's AltitudeX MCR 22 keynote

Peak's CEO and co-founder outlines the company's vision for the future of AI in business.

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Relive the experience of last year’s summit at Depot Mayfield, Manchester. Watch talks and panel discussions on demand now.

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State of AI report

AI is a powerhouse, and is changing the way we work.
Decision Intelligence

Decision Intelligence Maturity report

The path to commercial AI maturity is more nuanced than current AI maturity models suggest…

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Demand Intelligence | Manufacturing


AI-powered inventory optimization. Minimized costs, maximized service.
Customer Intelligence | Retail


28% uplift in email revenue and 8400% return on social media ad spend.
Decision Intelligence | Construction

Speedy Hire

Optimizing inventory while satisfying more demand across the network.