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Lead Generation

To win new business, you need high-quality, relevant leads, which Peak can provide with a unique data-driven approach. With a continually updated catalogue of five million UK businesses, we can isolate groups of organisations that most closely match the leads you need and that are most likely to become customers.

The Challenge

Knowing who to sell to, and more importantly focussing on the right prospect, can have a dramatic impact on sales performance. However, qualifying and scoring leads has traditionally been left to salespeople with rudimentary scoring systems. Additionally, traditional lead generation requires companies to attract possible leads, capture their details and qualify them. It’s an inefficient and imprecise process that can leave you with low quality leads and too few of them.

The Process

Peak has populated a universe of organisations that contains detailed information for qualifying leads and is kept up-to-date on an ongoing basis. Based on your business data, strategy and goals, we identify groups of organisations that are not only the best fit for you, but that have the highest probability of conversion.

The Techie Bit

We use groups of classification trees in order to score companies based on how similar they are to your best customers. After receiving a list of your customers, we collect data from a diverse range of sources in order to develop models that account for a variety of factors, both general (such as industry, company age and region) and specific (such as debt history, gearing ratios or county court judgements.) Once all companies have been scored, we can identify the size of opportunity for your business based on a threshold lead score, and provide a list of promising leads based on how likely they are to convert.

The Results

Our use of data means we identify organisations that match exactly the characteristics your business needs in its leads, resulting in very high conversion rates. By pulling leads from a catalogue of all UK companies - rather than trying to generate leads through traditional campaigns - we're able to deliver much larger numbers of leads than is otherwise possible.

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