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Masters of AI

It's time to transform manufacturing: AI beyond Industry 4.0

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping manufacturers navigate through uncertainty, empowering them to be more reactive, more agile, and more consistent with their decision making.

However, there’s much more to AI than shiny robots on your factory floor and some of the other applications that first spring to mind when you think of Industry 4.0.

It’s time to think differently about AI in manufacturing.

Peak’s Director of Manufacturing, Will Dutton, believes that a more fruitful way of conceptualizing AI in the sector is by drawing comparisons to how manufacturers now see Lean; the core fabric of their organization, and a must-have skill set to compete in the modern world.

Join Will at our next Masters of AI webinar on Thursday 6 May (17:00 BST), when he’ll be talking you through some of the interesting similarities between AI and Lean thinking.

He’ll outline reasons for his belief that AI for manufacturing should be seen in the same lineage as Lean, rather than 4.0. He’ll also delve deeper into the transformative nature of Decision Intelligence – a new category of software that enables you to unlock the power of your data and use AI to make great commercial decisions, all the time.

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Date: Thursday 6 May 2021
Time: 17:00 BST
Location: Online


17:00 | Welcome and intros
17:05 | Will Dutton, Director of Manufacturing, Peak
17:20 | Customer panel discussion
17:50 | Q&A Discussion

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