Ensemble | Data science specialisms: top tips for team structure

Date: 10 March 2022

Location: Online

Hear from Peak’s ever-growing data science team as we delve deeper into some of the different roles available in the field and the responsibilities that come with each.

Our experts will talk you through our journey from one data scientist to the 80+ strong team we have across the globe today, lifting the lid on how we structure the data science function at Peak.

You’ll hear all about some of our DS sub-teams – such as operational DS, ML engineering, data engineering, insight DS and management – and the amazing work they’re doing for our customers across industries. We’ll also discuss how we made the decision to grow these specialties over time, and explain how we see DS roles at Peak further dividing in the future.

Watch online now at your leisure if you’re looking for tips on building and developing your own DS team, or if you’re a DS interested in refining or expanding your skillset.

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