Devbase | Watch on demand

Devbase | Watch on demand

CICD and GitOps in Google’s Kubernetes Engine

This month we kicked off our brand new engineering event series, Devbase! With a focus on personal development, we want to make Devbase a place for engineers and developers to connect with other digital professionals, thought leaders and employers in their industry. We’re aiming to build a hub of engineering knowledge, learnings and skills – and make them accessible for all!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our first event took place virtually over Zoom, and was hosted by Peak engineers Lauren Rodgers and Chris Newton. We welcomed Joshua Hill, Platform Engineer at Cloud Technology Solutions, for a talk on on CICD and GitOps in Google’s Kubernetes Engine.

You can watch the event in full, and on demand, here 👇

About Devbase

Devbase is home to a community-based event series designed to support digital innovation. It focuses on growing personal development and is a place for engineers to connect with other digital professionals, thought leaders and employers in the space. Devnase aims to build a knowledge hub of learnings and skills and make it accessible for all, covering a broad range of engineering topics and themes that could help in your development. This includes; best coding practices, emerging technologies, AI integration and infrastructure as code (IaC), to building soft skills and supporting mental health in the workplace.

We organise regular Devbase meetups for engineers from all fields of expertise, including: software development, machine learning, DevOps and AI Engineering, to name just a few. Anyone can get involved, present their work or just benefit from the great learning and networking opportunities available to all.

The audience will be made up of DevOps, software engineers, QA, students and company CTOs from various tech companies and backgrounds.

Talk Abstract

This talk details how to use Google Cloud Platform and some 3rd party tools to make a CICD pipeline for deployment into Kubernetes. It will outline a multi-environment deployment of a simple application and then the tools leveraged to update and manage this on Google’s Kubernetes Engine.



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