Christmas 2021: 24 data-driven festive facts and stats

By Richard Ferrar on December 1, 2017

Data analytics. Decision Intelligence. AI. Not exactly the most festive topics in the world, right? WRONG!

Here at Peak we’re all about doing great things with data and, let’s face it, things don’t get much greater than Christmas. To celebrate advent and the annual countdown to the holidays, we’ve decided to share some of our favourite festive facts and stats, one a day, to show just how handy data can be…


1. Step on it, Santa

It’s been worked out that in order to successfully visit every home in the world on Christmas Eve, Santa, Rudolph and the gang would need a sleigh that could travel at approximately 2,340,000 mph.

Santa travels how fast??

Of course, we could help – using Customer Segmentation we could work out exactly which homes are on his ‘nice’ list and slow things down for St. Nick.

2. Supply and demand

There’s a staggering 230,000 tonnes of wasted food that is thrown away every Christmas. That’s a lot of mince pies going to waste, that’s for sure.

Food wasted over 2017 Christmas

Demand Forecasting is a great way to maintain healthy inventory levels and reduce wastage. Check out our case studies to find out more!

3. Gobble gobble

Stats show that there are 10,000,000 turkeys cooked in the United Kingdom alone every Christmas. Put it this way, if you’re leaving it until the 24th to get yours, there’s a high probability of you leaving the supermarket disappointed.

Got too many Turkeys to sell this Christmas? You need inventory optimisation

Stores and suppliers can use our AI-powered Inventory Optimisation solutions to keep certain products stocked to the right levels, for the right time of year.

4. Secret Santa, online style

30,000 people took part in the largest ever organised Secret Santa. The gift-swapping was organised by members of Reddit back in 2012.

Find the right customer with our Web Monitoring Solution

It’s hard enough buying the right gifts for your family and loved ones, never mind a complete stranger on the internet. Thankfully, a little bit of AI-powered web monitoring could be used to help you find the perfect present.

5. The Christmas marketing machine

An incredible £6,000,000,000 (yep – six billion!) is the amount expected to be spent by UK brands on festive advertising and marketing this year. (Psst – this blog was free.)

Data Driven Marketing Spend. Spend smart not blind

Of course, our data-driven Lead Generation solution can help you spend wisely, not blindly…

6. Even Santa has to play by the rules

Sorry to break it to you Father Christmas, but having a list of everyone on the planet is a direct violation of GDPR guidelines. With this Christmas being the first one since the new regulations arrived in May, the pressure’s on Santa to get his act together…


Uh oh – Mrs. Claus will not be happy. Thankfully, help is at hand as Peak’s own AI-driven solutions are GDPR compliant.

7. Bag a bargain

A whopping £51,000,000 is saved by UK shoppers every Christmas, thanks to those ever-so-handy special offers and discount voucher codes.

Protect your margin and prevent chrun by giving vouchers to the right customers

A great feature of our customer retention solution is its ability to anticipate customer churn, allowing you to take preventative action to keep them for longer – like offering a discount code, for example.

8. Absolutely crackers!

The world’s biggest ever Christmas cracker is a huge 45.72 metres long! One thing’s for sure – you’d hope for more than a cheap plastic dice as a prize, right?!

Biggest Christmas Cracker Ever

Speaking of things that are crackers, check out these crazy numbers: we helped a music streaming service increase its user base by 97% in just four months.

9. Return to sender

You know that Christmas card list you have that seems to just get longer and longer each year? Well, think about this trooper – a single person broke the world record for the number of cards sent in a year, with 62,824 distributed. That’s a lot of money spent on stamps…

World Record Christmas Stats

Using Lead Scoring, this poor soul could’ve worked out which recipients were most likely to send one back, helping them prioritise their list.

10. “It’s lovely…did you keep the receipt?”

By now, you’ve probably mastered the perfect fake reaction of happiness and gratitude to those oh-so-underwhelming presents. Stats show that one in five unwanted presents are then passed on to someone else as a gift – let’s face it, no one wants socks for Christmas, do they?

Unwanted presents at Christmas

Using data and predictive analytics, you can make well-informed decisions on gift-giving.

11. Wrap it up!

You’ve got reams and reams of it in your house, yet every year you end up buying more. You could cover 100% of the island of Jersey with all the wrapping paper thrown away every Christmas – what’s wrong with using tin foil, anyway?

Wrapping Paper Waste at Christmas


12. A time for giving…and spending 

Christmas is great, but it’s not the cheapest time of year. 81.5% of people will be forced to dip into their savings to pay for some (or all) of their gifts this festive season. Thank God for credit cards, right?

Money at Christmas

By bringing together info from different datasets – including consumer spending habits – we can help your business build a better picture of your customer base.

13. The clock is ticking…

Most people start to properly do their Christmas shopping on the 13th – according to DHL, it’s the busiest day for gift-buying, with the number of packages at their service points up by as much as 99% some years. Still not started? No, us neither…

Christmas Delivery, what is the busiest day

Learn how we worked with delivery experience company Sorted to help optimise delivery times using data and AI.

14. Boom!

So many crackers, so many disappointing jokes and useless trivia facts – there’s a massive 300,000,000 Christmas crickers pulled over the holidays. You might think that cracker-pulling comes with a 50/50 chance of victory…

How many crackers are pulled at christmas?

But, through AI, you can analyse other factors and how they affect your chances (e.g. how many glasses of champagne you’ve had…)

15. Good things come to those who buy early

New year, new car? You’re likely to save around £500 if you opt to purchase a new car in December rather than January. That’s something to think about if you’re due a new one…

How to Save Money at Christmas

Speaking of cars, why not head over to our website to find out how we used and AI to help Regit increase their sales by 27% in 30 days!

16. It was Christmas Eve babe, in the drunk tank…

Christmas songs, love them or hate them, are unavoidable. Figures show that the big three – ‘Last Christmas’, ‘Fairytale of New York’ and ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ – will be aired 404,000,000 times across UK radio over the festive period. Wow. Talk about overkill, huh?

What are the best Christmas Songs

Thankfully, services like music streaming platform Leaf put you in control of exactly what you listen to. Check out this case study to find out how we increased their user base by 97% in just four months.

17. Boxing Day is bonkers

You spend all that time finding the perfect gift, then it ends up at half-price the day after. 17,000,000 hours will be spent online shopping on Boxing Day, but I guess browsing on your new tablet is a hell of a lot better than getting up at 6am to go and queue at your local retail park, right?

How much will be spent at Christmas?

With Customer AI, you can get a better idea of who your customer is and what they’re looking for when it comes to bagging a bargain – allowing you to tailor your Boxing Day offering appropriately!

18. Record breaker!

It’s one of the most iconic Christmas songs, and Band Aid’s 1984 charity track featuring some of the finest pop starts of the 80’s is the highest-selling Christmas single, shifting 3,500,000 copies. Who would be in your Band Aid 2017 line-up?

Christmas Single, what is the best

Using data, AI and machine learning, we could determine what factors make the perfect pop supergroup (spoiler: it isn’t Bono.)

19. Need a hand, Santa?

Playstations, laptops, those massive selection boxes full of chocolate – they’re not the lightest things in the world. According to statistics, Santa’s sleigh would weigh around 354,430 tonnes on Christmas Eve due to the number of houses he has to deliver to. Spare a thought for poor Rudolph next time you ask for a bike for Christmas…

How heavy is Santa's sleigh

With that many presents to organise, it sounds like Santa could do with some help with warehouse optimisation

20. Don’t forget the turkey…

We used Web Monitoring to work out which celebrity chef’s Christmas dinner recipe was the most popular. Of the top five chefs, 56% of all turkey recipe searches were for Jamie Oliver’s. Pukka!

The best turkey recipe

21. “Can’t I just have extra stuffing instead?”

They divide opinion around the Christmas dinner table every year. 70% of us carry a gene that makes the brain detect sharp, bitter flavours and results in the dislike of Brussels sprouts.

Why do brussels sprouts taste so awful?

Understanding your customers is important, as it can help you keep them for longer. Customer Retention 101: Don’t give them sprouts for dinner.

22. Hair of the dog, anyone?

At Christmas, every night feels like a Saturday night, right? Us Brits certainly know how to unwind, with a headache-inducing 250,000,000 pints of beer to be consumed over the holidays in the UK. By using Peak’s Demand Forecasting solution, you can make sure you keep everyone watered this Christmas.

Beer at Christmas

Maybe stock up on those hangover cures, too…

23. Flying off the shelves

Online shopping has undoubtedly made life easier at Christmas. However, it’s also made us lazier! If you’ve left it this late, good luck – Amazon received 47 orders per second on their busiest day last Christmas!

How busy are Amazon at Christmas?

Next year, use predictive analytics to decide on the perfect presents and plan well in advance!

24. Show me the champagne

We all have our own Christmas family routines – but, on the whole, they usually involve a drink or two at a far earlier time than is normally socially acceptable. Apparently, most of us will pour ourselves a first glass of something special at 11:07am. If you’ve got lots of guests, Customer AI could help to get your drinks offering organised using customer segmentation.

How early is too early for a drink?

…although, if you’re like us on Christmas morning, anything will do…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at Peak! Keep up to date with our latest news and insights by following us on social media – you can find us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.



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