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#AIYourView: the AI for business survey

By Jon Taylor on January 27, 2020

When it comes to AI for business, it’s easy for us to sit here and tell you all about the benefits artificial intelligence (AI) could bring to your organization, and why it’s going to be an increasingly important technology for the modern business going forward.

However, to mark the start of 2020 we decided to take Peak to the polls (don’t worry, there’ll be no talk of referendums here.) This month, we launched #AIYourView, a brand new AI for business poll survey over on Twitter.

The aim? To reach out to AI enthusiasts, business leaders, and tech fans across the US and the UK – and find out what they thought about the growing impact of AI and the trends we can expect to see in 2020.

With just over 7,000 votes cast over five days, #AIYourView has given us a great insight into what our audience thinks about the role of AI in business. Here are some of our key findings from the research, and if you want to view the results of the campaign in raw form, you can check out the thread on Twitter here.

Is your business currently using AI, or looking to introduce it in some way in 2020?

42% of respondents said that their business was already using AI, or looking at potentially introducing it in 2020.

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In which areas of business do you see AI adding the most value, either now or in the future?

In terms of which job functions could benefit from AI, almost half (48.4%) felt that the biggest AI opportunity could be found in supply chain and logistics, while 22.5% felt that sales and marketing could be the biggest benefactors. 17.8% said merchandising and buying, while 11.4% plumped for other.

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What’s the biggest barrier to AI adoption in business?

Over a third (34.4%) felt that the biggest barrier to introducing AI into a business is knowing where to start. This was seen as more of a hindrance than budget limitations (25.6%), messy or siloed data (15.9%), or hiring the right staff (24.2%).

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Which industries will benefit the most from AI?

Over a half (50.7%) of respondents said that manufacturing was the industry that could benefit the most from AI adoption, while 22% felt that the biggest impact could be made in the construction sector. 20% said retail and consumer goods, and 7.4% responded with ‘other’ – some of the replies suggested areas such transport, healthcare, and logistics/distribution.

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Which AI trends will be most prevalent in business in 2020?

When asked about the most prevalent AI trends for the year ahead around a quarter (24.4%) of respondents felt that AI and human cooperation will increase or improve in 2020. 32.9% felt that AI could have a significant impact on the cybersecurity sector, while improved automation (24%) and enhanced personalization (18.8%) sharing out the remaining votes.

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Make sure you’re following us on Twitter, as we’ll be building on this campaign with further polls and surveys throughout the year – it’d be great to get your thoughts on the exciting opportunities that AI presents to a whole host of industries and job functions!  

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