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Decision Intelligence for Eberspächer Group

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Businesses that make great decisions win. We’ve pulled together a range of resources to show you how AI can empower your teams to make amazing data-driven decisions, all the time. We hope you find them useful!

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Purchasing uses demand forecasting to make sure you buy the right quantities at the right time. Its AI models adapts to the shape of your business, meaning it takes your strategic aims into account in its recommendations. It does the painstaking analysis for you, minimizing excess stock while hitting service levels and revenue goals.

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Deployment Planning

Deployment Planning uses an operational demand forecast, inventory level and related user inputs – such as modes of transport and financial budgets – to plan stock moves from factory to distribution center (DC) network.

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Our applications, built on Peak, help supply chain, logistics managers, supply planners and sales managers make agile decisions, faster than their competitors. Each application brings data from multiple sources and systems, enriched with AI and specific business parameters to surface actionable recommendations and insights on Peak or your preferred system.

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