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What can you do with Decision Intelligence from Peak?


AI-driven segmentation and recommendations that consider your entire value chain. Decision Intelligence increases purchase frequency, average order value, new customer acquisition and your customer’s experience.

Buying and Rebuying

Missing sales vs overstocking. Making buying decisions has never been harder. Peak’s Decision Intelligence can help you to balance overstocking while never disappointing a customer.

Allocation and Replenishment

Availability is the new battleground. Right product, right place, right time. AI-driven stock placement can ensure you never miss a sale while maintaining an optimal return on capital employed.

Pricing and Markdown

Your teams are spending unnecessary margin because they can’t see and analyse every key data point they need. Decision Intelligence and AI transforms their world and supports them to make the most profitable decisions, every time.

  • Engaging comms

    No more blanket email spam. Customer conversations are about highly-personalized, relevant content that appeals to them, only when they are in-market.

  • Improved loyalty

    Customers feel that the retailer “gets them” through more personalized touchpoints, which exceed their expectations and drive brand loyalty.

  • Optimized stock

    Customers can find the sizes and styles they want in stock, with no concerns about missing out on their favorite products.

  • Effective delivery

    A smarter supply chain means orders are fulfilled on time, building customer satisfaction and reducing churn.

  • Growth across the value chain

    Retailers can optimize and enhance every aspect of their operation with AI, driving efficiencies across the business.

  • Improved sustainability

    Smarter forecasting and logistics means less wastage and a reduced carbon footprint, helping retailers move towards improving sustainability.

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Peak’s specialist team are dedicated to delivering outcomes for retailers. With extensive industry experience, we know the market inside out and have a proven track record.

Results, ROI, and low time to value

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Peak makes it easy to get started

  • Peak has the technology, strategy, services, and support to help you succeed with Decision Intelligence – a new category of enterprise software.

  • Messy data? No problem. Peak ingests, transforms, and unifies your data to deliver rapid results with a short time to value.

  • Solutions are configured to meet your needs, with each one focused on optimizing specific business functions.

  • Our platform integrates with your existing business systems, so there’s no need to rip and replace.

Peak named a Cool Vendor in AI for Retail by Gartner

Gartner research shows that 77% of retailers plan to deploy AI by 2021

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