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Introducing Decision Intelligence from Peak. It's the commercial application of AI to grow revenues & profits. It will help you win.

AI-driven decision making at your fingertips, for the first time

  • Connect data from across your organization

    Use data from anywhere, combining data from different systems and functions within your organization.

  • Create an AI-powered layer of intelligence

    Easily apply AI models to your data to create a single, predictive view of your products, customers and supply chain.

  • Transform decision making across your entire business

    Use this intelligence to make faster, more consistent decisions over complex data, all the time.

Join the growing ranks of companies using Decision Intelligence

AI-driven outcomes, all the time, everywhere

Use AI-powered views of customer behavior to improve recommendations and increase transactions.

Gain AI-powered forecasts that consider product popularity, region, stock levels, seasonality, and more.

Optimize the flow of goods through your warehouse, driving increased pick efficiency with AI-powered wave planning.

Optimize stock levels and movements between distribution centers, minimizing environmental impact.

Explore an AI-powered markdown engine, providing rebuying recommendations to maximize margin.

Deliver hyper-personalized experiences and acquire new high value customers with AI-powered advertising.


Your new Connected Decision Intelligence system, built by Peak.

It’s a full stack AI system, built to change the way you tackle challenges across your business, putting AI at the heart of your decision making.

A first of its kind, CODI is built to help transform your business and put the power of AI in your hands, helping you make superhuman decisions, all the time.

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No hype, just results

Transform your business with Decision Intelligence

Peak has the technology, strategy, services, and support to help you succeed with Decision Intelligence – a new category of enterprise software.

There’s more to us than tech

Peak’s team can accelerate your AI efforts, no matter where you are on the journey.

We take a flexible approach to you and your needs. Whether you’re validating the power of AI for the first time, adopting it more widely, or transforming your business to be AI-centric, we’re here to help.

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AltitudeX is coming.

4 November 2021, Depot Mayfield, Manchester.

AltitudeX is a one day immersive event that brings together leaders, commercial innovators and data scientists to explore decision making, and the radical potential for AI to change how businesses operate.

Expect to hear from world-renowned speakers, industry experts and business leaders, as well as have the chance to network together, in person.

We can’t wait to see you there.

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