Truly understand your customers

AI-powered customer segmentation that enables personalized experiences to win new customers and delight existing ones

Know your customers like never before by leveraging the power of AI

Audiences helps you unleash the power of AI-driven segmentation on every customer touchpoint. Enhance your segmentation using insights on customer attributes, preferences and behaviors. Use these insights to make forward-thinking predictions to drive meaningful interactions.

Understand your customers' needs

Peak’s Audiences application gives you granular insights into your customers across your entire business. It does this by applying AI models to your customer, campaign, transactional and metadata, providing a non-siloed holistic view of your customers. Use these insights to create lookalike audiences, build automated multichannel campaigns and apply more granular targeting.

Maximize your most important metrics

  • Increase customer retention rates and LTV

  • Decrease customer acquisition costs

  • Improve engagement and conversion rates

  • Increase return on advertising spend

Under the hood

Audiences is built on the Peak platform. It uses AI models to predict a variety of customer behaviors so you can understand your current customers in depth, create lookalike audiences, uncover hidden trends and apply granular targeting.

See Peak's Audiences application in action

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Finding new audiences during COVID-19.


28% uplift in email revenue and 8400% return on social media ad spend.

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