Truly understand your customers

AI-powered customer segmentation that enables personalized experiences to win new customers and delight existing ones

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A detailed customer view at your fingertips

The cost of customer acquisition keeps going up, so do customer expectations.

Audiences helps you unleash the power of AI-driven segmentation on every customer touchpoint.

Enhance your segmentation using insights about customer attributes, preferences and behaviors.

Create and automate communications, each as unique as your customer. Attract new customers, delight existing ones and drive the growth that will earn applause in your industry.

Under the hood

Audiences is built on the Peak platform. It uses AI models to predict a variety of customer behaviors so you can understand your current customers in depth, create lookalike audiences, uncover hidden trends and apply granular targeting.

A granular, but digestible view of your customer base

Use it to organize customers by predictive and non-predictive attributes and explore key metrics in each segment. 

Discover key opportunities

It monitors your customer base, alerting you when there’s a meaningful change in your existing segments and the brand new segments Peak is recommending.

Choose from over 35 AI-driven attributes

To segment your customers based on predicted behaviors, like churn, propensity to purchase and lifetime value (LTV). 

No more data silos

Ingest, transform, and organize large amounts of data from across your company to create a rich, single source of customer truth.

Output agnostic

Audiences works with your existing systems. The AI-driven segments can be linked to the systems you use to talk to customers, like your CDP, social media, or CRM.

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No more spray and pray

Use data to open the door to deeper customer relationships. Audiences’s AI develops data-driven segments that you can use to make sure you hit the right customer, at the right time, with the right content.

  • Reduce acquisition costs & increase ROAS

    Peak explores common connections between customers and identifies key data points. It finds your most valuable and engaged customers, giving you a bigger RoI from your campaigns.

  • Increase customer retention

    Peak can predict when a customer is likely to stop buying before they churn by finding key data points like browsing behavior, transactional data, and demographic data.

  • Defragment your customer view

    Peak unifies your customer data and creates a single customer truth. Segment Maps provide a unique customer view. Say goodbye to rigid, predetermined customer segments. Say hello to AI-generated segments, that are as unique as your customer base.

  • Increase customer lifetime value

    Peak's lifetime value predictions help you identify the common characteristics of your highest-value customers. Give your customers content they love and maximize their value over the full customer journey.

  • Improve engagement & conversion rates

    AI-driven attributes like propensity to purchase help you predict the product, channel and time most likely to trigger a customer purchase.

  • Drive first to second purchase

    Peak gets you that second purchase from a newly acquired customer. Its AI analyzes the category, brand and specific SKU of their first purchase to predict what product will trigger their second purchase, and when they’re most likely to buy.

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Finding new audiences during COVID-19.


28% uplift in email revenue and 8400% return on social media ad spend.

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