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AI price optimization to increase rate of sale while protecting margin for close-out markdown.

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Right price, first time

Our markdown application suggests optimal pricing to maximize margins and ensure profitable sell-through.

Peak shows how every single product in the stock file will respond to markdown activity. It helps merchandisers make more intelligent pricing decisions across the whole product range.

Peak rapidly analyzes the data in your stock file, whether you’re working with Excel or other rules-based systems, to produce dynamic pricing and markdown insights and recommendations.

$3 million margin opportunity

Read about how a leading UK multi-channel retailer is using Markdown to identify savings that equate to 1% of the companies overall turnover.

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A look into the future

Our platform combines and enriches your data with AI to reveal the price sensitivity of demand at individual SKU level, allowing you to level-up your markdown strategy across the whole stock file.

  • Inputs

    To get you the most accurate results Peak's platform combines data about product attributes, sales transactions, stock inventory, pricing, and promotions.

  • Predictions

    Once your data is combined and enriched with AI in the platform, it's used in analysis models that create forecasts of demand at various prices.

  • Outputs

    Peak makes actionable recommendations that help you achieve perfect markdown strategy – maximizing profit margin and increasing sell-through rate.

Perfect markdown

  • Increased revenue

    Make up-to-date markdown decisions based on true demand that maximize revenue.

  • Increased sell-through

    With a ‘right price, first time’ strategy across your whole stock file you can fully optimize your inventory performance.

  • Increased margin

    With complete understanding of the price elasticity of every SKU, you can implement perfect pricing that reduces reliance on markdown and maximizes margin.

  • Less time analyzing data

    Our platform takes the strain of time-consuming data analysis and provides you with intelligent recommendations tailored to your business.

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Take a look at how you can explore different markdown scenarios and reduce manual decision making with our AI application.

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