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Markdown optimization with AI

So long, spreadsheets. Get SKU-level markdown recommendations that empower merchandisers to make great pricing and discounting decisions.

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How can AI help with your markdown strategy?

Markdown planning is time consuming for retail teams. Most have a markdown schedule, with every SKU discounted by a blanket X%, which increases as the sale period progresses. An AI-powered markdown optimization tool lets you…
u003cliu003eu003cbu003eExecute individual markdown strategies for every product:u003c/bu003e taking into account the effect of price changes on predicted demand and optimizing business objectives
u003cliu003eu003cbu003eMarkdowns simulation:u003c/bu003e simulate the effect of different markdown strategies across all your products
u003cliu003eu003cbu003eIncrease sell through:u003c/bu003e clear stock within season and maintain margins that guarantee profitability
u003cliu003eu003cbu003eLeverage all your data, instantly:u003c/bu003e make great markdown pricing decisions without spending hours combing through spreadsheets!
u003cbru003eYour competition are using this technology u003cbu003etodayu003c/bu003e. Watch the demo now to see our application in action and see the new era of markdown strategy.

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Success story

This leading multi-channel retailer used Peak’s markdown optimization software and identified an additional $3m in margin (on only 15% of its stock file) with AI. That’s equivalent to 1% of its overall turnover!

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Retail markdown optimization

Identifying an opportunity to drive $3m in additional margin.

These brands are winning with AI

Leading retailers are using Peak's technology to make great commercial decisions and add value across their businesses.

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Solve your biggest retail markdown strategy challenges with Peak



Stop discounting some items too heavily so that profit is given up unnecessarily



Avoid being left with too much stock and having to heavily discount to clear it



Free up time spent generating all the spreadsheets needed to make markdown decisions

Benefits of AI solutions for markdown optimization in retail

  • Higher margin

    Avoid blanket discounts that erode margin, and take a SKU-level approach to markdown

  • More time for merchandisers

    Optimize your merchandisers' time and productivity with an AI-powered markdown strategy

  • Budget control

    Regain control of your markdown budget, maintain brand equity and stability over your markdown schedule and reduce unplanned, flash sales

  • Targeted approach

    Retail pricing software calculates markdown at a granular level that suits your business, including SKU, country level or store level)

What could our markdown application do for you?

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