Webinar | The future of retail forecasting

Date: 4 April 2023

Time: 16:00 BST

Location: Online

Managing retail products in 2023 will be harder than ever. Supply chains are too complex, customer expectations are sky-high, and uncertainty seems to be the only thing we can be sure of. The future of retail demand forecasting has got to be easier. It can be, with these tools and tactics…

About the webinar

Many retailers focus on the accuracy of their forecasts and not enough on the follow-up actions that should be taken as a result. This means merchandisers and demand planners are often locked in spreadsheet cells for most of their day, leaving little time to consider how they act on the forecast, which is the most important part of demand management. 

In this on-demand webinar, we reveal how some of the most successful retailers are transforming their demand management and merchandising functions, and reclaiming their workdays through artificial intelligence (AI), while boosting profitability and customer satisfaction.

Who should attend

  • Demand planners
  • Merchandisers

What you’ll learn

  • The biggest challenges merchandisers and demand planners face in 2023
  • What makes a great demand forecast
  • How you can effectively feed a demand forecast into key decisions (e.g. rebuy, pricing)
  • How AI can be custom-fitted to your business to help you create forecasts and automate decisions based on them

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