Listen to Marshalls' AI Solutions Architect, Andy Carney, in our podcast

Marshalls: The digital transformation journey

Date: 16 December 2020

The aim of the Masters of AI podcast series is to share the real life stories of the visionary business leaders who are successfully harnessing the power of enterprise AI technology today.

Throughout the series, we explore the great decisions these leaders have made along the way on their AI journeys.

In this episode, we welcome Andy Carney, AI Solutions Architect at leading paving manufacturer and supplier, Marshalls. He chats to Peak’s Richard Potter, Manjit Curtis, and Will Dutton.

The Speakers

Andy Carney

AI Solutions Architect, Marshalls

Manjit Curtis

Head of Strategic Content and Communications, Peak

Richard Potter

CEO & Co-founder, Peak

Will Dutton

Manufacturing Director, Peak

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