Customer Intelligence webinar | AI and lifetime value: doing more with less

Date: 23 March 2023

Time: 16:00 GMT

Location: Online

Many businesses will consider lifetime value (LTV) as a key metric when it comes to retention. But is LTV truly being recognized and harnessed to its full potential?

In our on-demand webinar the power of LTV and why it should be a focus for your business in 2023 — and sharing some handy practical tips to ensure that you leverage LTV to truly maximize the potential of every single customer.

Who should watch?

Our Customer Intelligence webinars are catered for those with an interest in all things customer, such as those working in the CRM space, e-commerce, digital marketing and customer experience. All seniorities are welcome and there will be plenty of learnings for everyone to take away, from assistants through to directors.

What you’ll learn

We cover a wide range of topics all aligned to the importance of lifetime value when it comes to winning in modern retail. You’ll learn…

  • The basics of LTV
  • Why LTV needs to be a focus for 2023 and beyond?
  • The key metrics used to measure LTV
  • Practical ways to think about LTV from an execution standpoint
  • Strategies to increase and grow your business’ LTV

The Speakers

Catherine Frame

Customer Intelligence Lead, Peak

Oskar Nummedal

Data Scientist, Peak

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