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Manage the full AI workflow

Factory is more than a place to build models, this is where business guardrails and decision logic is baked into predictions and suggestions about actions to take. This is where that centralised intelligence is created.



Peak abstracts engineering from your day-to-day, so you can be autonomous and focus on data science.



Easily access data science ready data, visualise complex problems and rapidly deploy applications.



Your platform, your way – the platform can flex to be as complex as you want, so you can build what you want in the way you want.



Link models from across the business to eliminate silos and achieve connected Decision Intelligence.

Create your very own AI

Factory is where you use your unique data to create intelligence with your data. Data Scientists are empowered to create and deploy applications, insights and APIs at pace. Factory bridges the gap between AI/ML models and commercial decision making – this is the future of Data Science.

Build more than just models

Factory empowers you to manage the full AI workflow and focus on delivering outcomes, not just delivering better and better models.


Here you can write scripts in Python, R, or any open-source coding language, build solutions and reports, and explore data or adjust models.


Solve complex problems by visualizing the steps needed to engineer a business decision and link models from across the business.

App deployment

Open up your work to non-technical users and drive business outcomes. You can easily deploy dashboards, visualisation, webapps to interact and work collaboratively with your organisation.

VCS integrations

Control the versions of code you want to use. Integrate with github, bitbucket and git lab and access your code to revert to an earlier version if needed.

Model management

Monitor and support best practice; save models, track performance over time, revert, compare, sanity check and view a sample of the data the model was trained on.

API deployment

Data scientists are empowered to easily deploy APIs, serve predictions to business users, and get models driving outcomes in the organization with no need for any engineering support.

Data science, supercharged

Factory was designed to make it easy for Data Scientists to deploy work and drive outcomes. For a full demo of Factory and the rest of Peak, get in touch today.

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Factory is a vital piece of our wider platform

Peak has everything you need to successfully drive outcomes with Decision Intelligence.


Dock makes getting started easy. A place to make your data AI-ready.


Intelligence is nothing if it can't be used. Work is where AI-driven decisions happen.