Peak's Decision Intelligence platform

Everything you need to realize Decision Intelligence across your business, all in one place.

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Forget end-to-end, Peak is end-to-outcome

Build more than just models. Peak gives data engineers, data scientists and commercial decision makers everything to build and support AI-driven solutions across the enterprise.



A platform designed with fast time to value in mind. With Peak you can get AI models into production in days not months.



Build what you need. Work how you want. Peak is infinitely flexible – build solutions that fit with your ways of working, and choose the amount of support you need from us.



Peak takes away the burden of self-build and enables data science teams to focus on what they love – with tools to shortcut the time it takes to get data AI ready.



With teams and solutions all unified on a single platform, every decision can be made with full visibility of the impact on the wider business.

The entire lifecycle of Decision Intelligence

Peak has three core capabilities, each engineered to empower you to build a vital part of the Decision Intelligence picture. Peak is the only platform you need to succeed with Decision Intelligence.


Create your AI-ready data set

Dock is a data management toolkit, to let you integrate, prepare, clean, de-duplicate, transform, catalogue and organize your data. It’s a data warehouse specifically designed to make AI not just possible, but easy.

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Manage the full AI workflow

Factory is where your centralised intelligence is made. Built by data scientists, for data scientists, designed to help you focus on delivering outcomes, not just delivering better and better models.

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Where great decisions are made

Work is how commercial leaders interact with your intelligence. This is where data, insight, suggestions and recommendations, all baked in with explainability, are visualised and made easy to action.

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Functionality designed with the end in mind

Peak has been built to decrease time to value, and take the heavy lifting away from data science and commercial teams, so they can focus on one thing – AI-powered decision making.

Data bridge and data connectors

Data bridge and data connectors

Peak empowers you to connect to S3, Snowflake and a multitude of other data sources to rapidly integrate your data into Peak without any technological support needed.

Flexible outputs

Flexible outputs

We make it easy to deploy models so you can consume outcomes in the way that works for you. Create completely unique dashboards or inject AI straight into your day-to-day software.



Workflows help you solve complex problems by visualizing the steps needed to engineer a business decision and link models from across the business to connect solutions.

Build what you need. Work how you want.

Build vs buy? Why not both?

Just starting your journey with AI? Already got an in-house team of data scientists? Peak is valuable no matter what your needs are. We have an in-house team ready to help deliver Decision Intelligence solutions for you, or we can train your team up on how to use our platform. If you want to build your own in-house AI capability, we can help you get there too.

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Superhuman decision making, across your whole business

Decision Intelligence on Peak = results

One platform. Endless use cases.

Peak can be used to build Decision Intelligence for any business challenge. A single, unified platform can power great decisions in dozens of different business areas, including:

Great decisions await

Wherever you are in your AI journey, Peak can accelerate your efforts and deliver tangible business outcomes.

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Get clued up on all things Decision Intelligence

For a detailed explanation on what Decision Intelligence is, take a look at our guide to DI.

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