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Decision Intelligence for Keysight Technology

Hey Keysight Technology,

Businesses that make great decisions win. We’ve pulled together a range of resources to show you how AI can empower your teams to make amazing data-driven decisions, all the time. We hope you find them useful!

Forward-thinking manufacturers are using Peak to drive success

Make faster, more consistent decisions to adapt your business in volatile conditions, all the time.

Inventory Optimization

Predict future demand and efficiently manage inventory levels, ensuring cost-effective resilience. Peak helps ensure your stock is in the right location, at the right time, in the right quantity. Applying Decision Intelligence to inventory management leads to increased service and profitability, less waste and reduced carbon footprint.

Buying Optimization

Ensure cost effective supply, taking into account predicted demand, contractual and capacity constraints. Decision intelligence helps you decide what to buy, when, and in what quantities, enabling you to make better, faster purchase decisions in volatile conditions.

Pricing Optimization

Peak's Decision Intelligence platform empowers you to automate pricing decisions using price sensitivity modelling. Save time and Identify the pricing sweet spot using real-time quote optimization to ensure pricing consistency, maximum margin and sales conversion.

Peak and Keysight Technology

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