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Engineering at Peak

We're building a game-changing AI platform that optimizes product inventory and pricing. Join us on our journey.

Push the boundaries of technology

Our teams leverage cutting-edge tech to ensure our platform is robust, scalable, delivers an exceptional user experience and faster time to value.

In engineering, our product development efforts are focused on providing business users and power users of our product with a world-class experience. Peak believes that every organization needs its own AI, and our product has been built from the ground up to achieve that. This innovative platform empowers users to build and deploy intricate AI solutions in weeks, not years.

AI isn't just a feature we've added to our products — it's the heart of what we do at Peak. We've built our entire platform around AI from the ground up. This means Peak can work right at the forefront of innovation, which is very exciting. Our products help some of the worlds best companies, using everything from traditional statistics and time series analysis to classical machine learning, optimization problems and applied generative AI.

Stuart Davie, VP of AI, Peak

Work on an industry-leading AI platform

The Peak platform is capable of handling terabytes of data, managing inbound and outbound data integrations and developing comprehensive AI/ML products that address specific business needs.

Our platform allows Peak to integrate seamlessly into our customers’ existing ecosystems, leveraging their first-party data to provide a significant competitive advantage. Our engineering team also contribute to the integrations and work we do with our partners including AWS, Snowflake, SAP and UiPath.

We adhere to industry-leading software development practices, utilizing microservices and micro-front end architectures, among many other advanced methodologies.

More on the platform

Our major tech stack includes

  • Processing, orchestration and back end

    Kubernetes and Lambda on AWS

  • Programming tools

    Node.js and React

  • Monitoring and observability

    Prometheus and the ELK stack

  • CI/CD tools

    Terraform, Helm, GitHub Actions and AWS CloudFormation

  • Data tech

    Redshift, Snowflake, PostgresQL and DynamoDB

Our engineering roles

What does it mean to be an engineer at Peak?

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