Unlock working capital tied up in excess stock and maximize availability with rebuy recommendations and SKU-level demand forecasting

Tackling beyond the top and bottom 20% of SKUs

You’ve got thousands of products, multiple channels along with fluctuating demand and supplier lead time. But you never have enough time to make granular rebuy decisions beyond the top and bottom 20% of your range. That means the middle of your range is vulnerable when it comes to overstocking and stockouts.

Free up working capital

Rebuy uses AI to give SKU-level demand forecasts across your entire range. It automates the process of analyzing your data and recommends when and how much of a line you should rebuy. It helps you keep your availability at that sweet spot, where you don’t miss out on sales or tie up working capital in excess inventory.

Quick strategic rebuying decisions, at scale

Rebuy’s SKU-level demand forecasting software cuts out the hours of staring at spreadsheets, freeing up your time to make strategic and granular rebuying decisions across thousands of products.

  • Avoid stockouts and never disappoint a customer

  • Avoid overstocking, unnecessary markdowns and waste

  • Reduce warehouse and logistics costs

  • Reduce manual decision making and save time

Under the hood

Rebuy’s SKU rebuy solution built on Peak’s platform. It uses demand forecasting and inventory optimization models to calculate demand and optimal safety stock levels, to give you recommendations of when and how much of any SKU you should rebuy.

See Rebuy's SKU demand forecasting software in action