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Peak's Initial Pricing application
Initial Pricing

Perfect pricing, every time

Initial pricing optimizations for pricing teams that want to stay competitive and protect margin

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Leverage the power of AI across every single SKU

You’ve got thousands of products, multiple channels and the options for pricing seem endless. Initial Pricing helps buying, merchandising, pricing and planning teams harness AI to tackle the complex question of what price to charge. Using a combination of different data sources — and an AI that’s finely tuned to your business — prices are optimized and updated as often as you want.

Boost team productivity

Gone are the days of pouring over spreadsheets and making pricing decisions based solely on intuition and instinct. Initial Pricing can be tailored to your business’ unique processes and automatically review prices on a regular cadence, feeding recommendations to your team to approve and automatically action across your systems. We provide a comprehensive and powerful framework for teams to improve pricing strategy and execution.

Efficient initial pricing optimization, at scale

  • Combine multiple data sources

  • Maximize sales and margin

  • Increase team productivity

  • Integrate with existing systems

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Optimizing pricing and processes to keep customers happy.
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