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AI solutions for CPG

Consumer packaged goods, upgraded. Our AI solutions can help you supercharge your systems & leapfrog your competitors. Our Decision Intelligence Software is driving change across the CPG sector.

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Supercharge your systems, leapfrog your competitors

Decision Intelligence is driving change across the CPG sector.

Understand your consumers, optimize your processes, and respond quickly to everyday challenges. Gain a complete view of your organization, combining data from across different departments, to enable agile decision making, free up working capital, and drive revenue growth.

Peak delivers rapid outcomes for CPGs across the value chain

Make faster, smarter decisions to adapt your business in volatile conditions, all the time.

Predict future demand and supply to optimize inventory levels

Peak helps ensure the correct quantities are at the right location, at the right time, for the right business objectives. This leads to increased service, increased profitability, and increased capacity.

Identify and understand short-term demand issues

Peak can enable you to take action in real time to move from time-intensive investigation to insight. This leads to increased service, increased factory and logistics efficiency, reduced write offs, and improved stock holding.

Build personalized relationships directly with consumers

Build direct-to-consumer (D2C) relationships through online consumer acquisition, and reduce churn by creating a more personalized experience. Improve customer experience and increase brand loyalty through AI-powered omnichannel optimization.

Efficient distribution of stock across your warehouses, all the time

We can ensure the right SKUs are sent to the right node, reducing logistics costs, increasing service levels, optimizing capacity, and reducing management time spent on working out the optimal distribution of SKUs.

Source the right materials from the right supplier at the right time

Ensure supply whilst minimizing working capital and purchase price. Spend less management time working out optimal buying, and instead use an AI-driven model that can scenario plan on different demands and contractual obligations.

Value creation across your business

  • Improve your understanding of consumers by capturing data and using it to help shape demand and test product preferences and price sensitivity.

  • Speed up the forecasting process, enabling you to focus on sales and operations planning – leading to more agile decision making.

  • Unify internal data and augment it with external sources – like weather predictions, social media, and economic data – to gain more forecasting accuracy.

  • Connect your sales promotions with the rest of your business, from manufacturing to marketing, to empower better connected decision making.

We can make Decision Intelligence a reality for your business

Enterprise businesses are using Decision Intelligence from Peak to gain an edge on the competition. We'd love for you to join them.

Peak makes it easy to get started

  • Peak has the technology, strategy, services, and support to help you succeed with Decision Intelligence – a new category of enterprise software.

  • Messy data? No problem. Peak ingests, transforms, and unifies your data to deliver rapid results with a short time to value.

  • Solutions are configured to meet your needs, with each one focused on optimizing specific business functions.

  • Peak integrates with your existing business systems, so there’s no need to rip and replace.

You’re in good company

We believe in forging the perfect partnership with our customers, giving you the technology and skills you need to guarantee success with AI.

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