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There are lots of data companies and services, but none quite like us. We were born from a recognition that no-one else does data analytics quite right.

Some clean your data, some crunch your data, some analyse your data, some draw insights from your data and some make recommendations based on your data. We do all of that for you and, with our subscription approach, we do it continuously, transforming your data into amazing opportunities. Some leave you to it when they’re done. We don’t.

There’s a lot of clever technology behind Peak, but that’s only half of the story. Our people let us make the most of that technology. Yes, they create it and use it, but they also interpret the results that our technology delivers, providing insights and straightforward recommendations to improve the performance of your business based on data you provide.

We launched in November 2014. Since then, we’ve grown rapidly and, in 2015, were recognised by Tech North as one of the ‘top tech start-ups in the UK,’ winning the coveted Northern Stars competition.

In 2016, we opened a development centre in Jaipur, India, completed a round of £1m seed funding and partnered with cloud engineering firm and Amazon Web Services Big Data Partner Cloudit.

In 2017, we secured a further £2.5m in Series A capital to fund the company’s ongoing investment in machine learning and AI technologies, and to further accelerate growth.

We’re happy to count companies like Morrisons, AstraZeneca and The Economist among our clients.