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Supply AI

Smarten your supply chain:

Reduce costs

Increase sustainability

Reduce inefficiencies

Optimize processes

Built to deliver outcomes in supply chain and operations

  • Businesses need a new way of managing a complex supply chain and fulfilling their customers’ needs

  • Supply AI helps you to quickly eliminate bottlenecks, increase efficiency and improve sustainability

  • Drive value from your data to reduce costs with AI-powered predictions and optimizations

This enables you to…

Optimize your warehouse


The warehouse or distribution center is the heart of your supply chain – and running an efficient operation is critical. Leverage demand forecasting and AI process optimization for a range of use cases, such as pickface optimization, wave planning and workforce planning. Fulfill orders on time, in full, at the lowest cost.

Increase logistics efficiency


Efficient transportation of stock is critical to managing costs, meeting demand and achieving sustainability targets. Demand forecasting and AI process optimization can ensure you move stock to the right place, at the right time, via the most efficient and sustainable method.

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See what our Demand AI solutions can do for you. We’ll run your data through the Amazon Forecast algorithm and confirm, within 21 days, just how much we can improve the accuracy of your forecasting

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Underpinned by:

Predictive Supply View

This unifies product, transactional and supply chain data into a standard model, automatically generating AI-powered predictions to identify order volumes and resource requirements

Intelligence layer

Supply AI’s intelligence capabilities support data-driven decision making and process optimization


Supply AI integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack, ensuring outputs can be actioned

Peak makes it easy to get started with AI

  • Get rapid results with AI, no matter how messy your data is

  • Start with one solution, prove ROI, and then roll out enterprise-wide AI

  • Easy onboarding and ongoing support from our team of experts

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