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Supply AI

Smarten up your supply chain:

Optimize warehouse processes

Reduce resource costs

Fulfill customer promises

Reduce logistics costs

Increase sustainability

Improve customer satisfaction

Utilize data from across your supply chain

No matter how siloed your data is, Peak can connect to all of your supply chain, customer, and transactional datasets to deliver the most accurate AI solutions for your business.

Create a Predictive Supply View

Add a layer of intelligence to warehouse and logistics operations, enabling you to optimize processes so you can maximize fulfillment at the lowest cost.

This enables your supply chain and logistics teams to…


Improve warehouse processes

Warehouse optimization

Streamline your warehouse using AI to enhance key areas, such as pick-face optimization and order release management.


Optimize warehouse and distribution center resourcing

Workforce planning

Efficiently plan and manage your workforce, reducing over-staffing costs whilst ensuring you’re covered to cope with demand.


Reduce logistics costs

Logistics optimization

Optimize your operations to fulfill demand in the most cost-effective manner by reducing unnecessary journeys and maximizing truck capacity.

Peak makes it easy to get started with AI

  • Get rapid results with AI, no matter how messy your data is

  • Start with one solution, prove ROI, and then roll out enterprise-wide AI

  • Easy onboarding and ongoing support from our team of experts

Start your own AI journey

Our free guide talks you through how to get started with AI, with step-by-step advice from our team