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Demand AI

Optimize demand, maximize profit:

Improve forecasting accuracy

Avoid stockouts

Allocate stock intelligently

Reduce wastage

Increase time for creativity in merchandising

Enable smart pricing and discounting

Make smarter use of your data

Taking data from across your organization, AI makes sense of the thousands of SKUs that need to be managed, forecast, and rebought.

Create a Predictive Demand View

Arm merchandisers and planners with a global view of predicted demand patterns and stock movements to increase forecasting accuracy and make better informed decisions to drive profitability.

This gives merchandisers and planners the ability to…


Optimize buying and rebuying

Buying optimization

Ensure you have the stock needed to meet demand and hit sales targets, while avoiding costly stockout periods and reducing excess stock levels.


Allocate stock intelligently

Stock allocation

Right stock, right location, right time. AI powers intelligent stock replenishment across stores and online to maximize sell-through rates.


Protect your margin

Markdowns and promotions

Maximize sales and protect your margin, using AI to optimize product price, markdowns, and promotions.

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