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Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving the retail revolution. Those retailers using the technology are growing 30% faster than the competition, with 50% higher profit margins. Using data  from across the value chain, you can provide your customers with a unified commerce experience that focuses on a personalised experience from acquisition through to delivery.

Our retail customers include

AI across the value chain 

Peak provides solutions that target three key areas of every retail operation. Our business-wide approach to AI for retail works across the entire value chain, resulting in a competitive advantage across the board – rather than focusing AI on just one function of a business to the detriment of another. 

Our solutions work together to offer a truly unified commerce experience for your customers, whether they’re shopping in store or browsing on their smartphone. We help retailers improve customer engagement and acquisition, optimise supply and demand and support a more efficient fulfilment process.

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What we’ve delivered for Footasylum

Our AI journey with Footasylum has seen the footwear and streetwear retailers optimise multiple areas of its operation through AI and machine learning. 



increase in marketing revenues through AI-powered personalised comms

Footasylum outperforms industry with AI-driven social marketing strategy

Footasylum is reaping the reward of being an AI-driven retailer, using the AI System in their social media advertising campaigns



return on social media advertising spend – 30x that of the industry average

You’ve read about our work with Footasylum – but what could a solid AI strategy do for your retail business? Arrange a call with our team to find out!

Start your own AI journey

1) The AI journey starts here...

Here’s an example of how artificial intelligence can be used to optimise the entire retail operation…

2) Customer Behaviour

AI generates a Predicted Customer View, learning when customers are in-market to buy, their brand preferences, potential value.

  • Predicted Customer View
  • Audience Centre

3) Customer Targeted

The customer is targeted by AI-powered personalised communications, promoting the right product, brand and style. They make a purchase requesting next day delivery.

  • Recommendation Engine
  • Social Media Targeting

4) Demand Planned

Merchandiser uses AI to forecast demand and optimise buying and stock allocation decisions. Ensures optimum stock levels to hit sales targets.

  • Predicted Demand View
  • Stock Allocation
  • Buying Optimisation

5) Warehouse Optimised

The warehouse manager has optimised the warehouse using AI to ensure high-demand products are at the front of the pick face.

  • Warehouse Optimisation
  • Workforce Scheduling

6) Order Delivered

AI is used to optimise the logistics and fulfilment process, ensuring the customer received their order the next day as promised, but at the lowest cost and via the most sustainable method.

  • Logistics Optimisation

Customer Benefits

Customer gets the item that they want without being “spammed” or over targeted by the retailer, in the timeframe needed. They feel the retailer “understands” them and their preferences.

Retailer Benefits

Retailer can optimise the entire value chain; boosting sales, reducing costs to fulfil and maximising profitability, whilst providing an optimal customer experience to build brand loyalty. Wastage is reduced, and retailer moves towards being more sustainable.

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