A quick chat with one of our experts will help you understand how your business can do great things with data.



Accelerate Advantage

Artificial intelligence is driving the retail revolution.

In fact, they’re growing 30% faster than those who aren’t using AI.

The worlds of retail and e-commerce are undergoing a revolution, and the winners – think Amazon, ASOS and co – are placing data and artificial intelligence at the centre of their success.

Every retail business has vast amounts of data, full of untapped potential. The ability to leverage that data quickly and effectively with AI is proving to be the key to modern business success.

Whether you’re looking to drive revenues and growth, optimise your business processes or personalise the customer experience, today’s smart retailer must embrace data and AI in order to remain competitive. But, not every retail businesses can do what’s required on their own.


Businesses using AI grow 30% faster than those who aren’t.



27% Increase In Sales In 30 Days

Lead Scoring

85% Accuracy In Predicting Customer Churn

Customer Retention

We are Peak

We enable all retailers to become AI-driven, allowing them to compete and thrive in the modern world. Powered by our AI System and available on a subscription basis, our service provides retailers with the tech, people and key skills they need to achieve success with AI.

Our AI System brings artificial intelligence into the heart of your retail operation, allowing you to realise the true value of your data and achieve rapid results. Streaming, processing and transforming any data set at incredible speed, it acts as your business’ central system of intelligence.

Using AI and machine learning algorithms, it generates insights which enable you to optimise every aspect of your business – from stock level management to hyper-personalised marketing campaigns – to drive success and significantly improve your bottom line.

No set-up or implementation costs

No consultancy fees

No per-user licensing

Our AI System enables the rapid deployment of Peak’s specialised Retail Solutions into your business, each targeting a specific aspect of your operation:

Predict the likelihood of a particular type of customer behaviour.


Increase the value and engagement of your customers with AI-driven recommendations.


Keep your customers for longer and grow your user base.


Offer your customers a hyper-personalised experience.

Customer Segmentation

Identify different groups among your customers for marketing and pricing.

Lead Scoring

Maximise the number of leads your business turns into customers by accurately qualifying them.


Priortise your customers by predicting their future value to your business..

Demand Forecasting

Know what products and services customers want and when they want them.


Slim down your stock, free up capital and have what you need when you need it.


Find the balance between value for your customers and profit for your business.


Keep on top of new regulations and have peace-of-mind that you are compliant.

Benefits for retailers

Bring AI into your retail operation to drive growth and profitability.

FAST: Quick integration

Peak enables you to become an AI-driven retailer quickly and effectively. With a low onboarding time and rapid results, our approach lets you get value and results from your data as soon as possible.

FLEXIBLE: Tailored for success

Our specialised retail-focused solutions give you the opportunity to target different areas across your entire business, enabling you to become truly AI-driven and efficient in multiple ways.

SMART: Bags of experience

Our in-house team know their stuff when it comes to the world of retail, combining tech know-how with a wealth of commercial and business experience. We’ve got a proven track record, too.

SAFE: Risk-free

No consultancy fees and no onboarding costs. We’re the risk-free approach to retail-focused AI.

Talk to our experts

Peak gives your business the opportunity to grow quickly, efficiently and continuously, using data that you already have.

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A quick chat with one of our experts will help you understand how your business can do great things with data.