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01 Data Analytics As-A-Service

Peak has built a machine that brings together, analyses and draws insights from any kind of data, at huge scale. It is controlled by the bright sparks that built it and works data using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. The platform can integrate with your existing IT infrastructure, while our analysts explain what your data is showing and provide plain-English business recommendations based on your businesss goals. 

02 Unify

First, we hook up your systems to our data machine, streaming all your data into one place – and we mean all of it. We bring together everything from tables and databases, to cloud applications and even unstructured data like emails and social media interactions, until you have a single, unified dataset.

03 Model

Next, we set our machine to work, making sense of your data and creating a data model of your business. Using powerful technology, clever algorithms and advanced analytics, we turn raw data into meaningful, clearly defined insight. This, in turn, creates new data that flows back in automatically, ensuring the model is always up-to-date and productive.

04 Deliver

As results come through, we visualise them so you can understand and interact with your data. Dashboards, visualisations and intuitive search functions let you see the insights and opportunities revealed by our data machine. Our analysts are always around to explain what your data is showing and provide straightforward recommendations for improving performance and driving growth. And, because you pay on a subscription basis, we deliver new analysis, insights and opportunities for your business continuously.

05 Security

Our platform has been designed with security at its core and engineered to protect your data throughout your work with us. It’s secured using best practices, and is encrypted at rest and in transit using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Engine. We host our platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which has an exemplary security record and certifications, including; ISO27001, SOC 1-3 and CyberEssentials plus. To validate our high-level security, we’re also subject to frequent third party security checks and penetration tests.

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