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Demand AI

Plan for profit:

Improve margins

Maximize sell through

Increase efficiency

Optimize inventories

Built to deliver outcomes for merchandisers and traders

  • Merchandising is crucial to retail success, but teams need the right solutions to compete in the new era

  • Augmenting the art of merchandising with AI-enabled science provides the ideal blend of skills

  • Use your data to grow sales and increase profits with AI-powered predictions and optimizations

This enables you to…

Make smarter buying decisions


With AI-driven range planning and rebuying, ensure you have the right products to meet demand, avoid stock-outs and reduce over-stocking. Drive more sales while reducing the need for margin-busting sale periods.

Have the right stock in the right place, at the right time

Allocation & Replenishment

Match your product ranges to variations in customer demand across your stores. Optimize initial allocation, replenishment and assortment planning to efficiently meet demand – while minimizing stock-piling in the wrong location.

Optimize your pricing strategy


Maximize sell-through while achieving the highest possible margin. Utilize AI-driven markdown scenario analysis to identify the optimal pricing for each product, taking a data-driven approach to develop a “right price, first time” strategy.

Underpinned by:

Predictive Demand View

This unifies your product and demand data into a standard data model, before automatically generating AI-powered predictions to classify products and forecast demand

Intelligence layer

Demand AI’s intelligence capabilities support data-driven decision making and process optimization


Demand AI integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack, ensuring outputs can be actioned

Peak makes it easy to get started with AI

  • Get rapid results with AI, no matter how messy your data is

  • Start with one solution, prove ROI, and then roll out enterprise-wide AI

  • Easy onboarding and ongoing support from our team of experts

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