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Accelerate value from Amazon S3 with Peak's Data Bridge

All the benefits of Decision Intelligence without having to move, duplicate or lose ownership of your data.

Amazon S3 + CODI

CODI, Peak’s Connected Decision Intelligence system, can now connect directly with your Amazon S3 bucket using our Data Bridge, so your data never leaves your infrastructure.

This means you can accelerate the value from your Amazon S3 Data Lake by unleashing the power of CODI.

Crucially, CODI uses limited access IAM roles, bucket policies and AWS PrivateLink gateway endpoints so you control the security key to your data.

CODI can unleash the power of your data for the first time

A new Decision Intelligence system, putting AI in the hands of commercial leaders to drive great decision making.

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All the benefits of Decision Intelligence. All the benefits of keeping control of your data.

  • Accelerate Growth

    Supercharge your transformation projects and rapidly drive increased value from your data by connecting CODI to Amazon S3.

  • Increase Security

    Worried about data transfer, don’t be! CODI connects directly to your Amazon S3 Data Lake so data stays within your walls and you control the keys.

  • No Data Duplication

    As data is only stored in your own S3 bucket, we don’t need to duplicate it across multiple locations, helping to ensure data integrity.

  • Flexibility

    You are the master of your own data, continue to use your existing system, your way, all the time.

‘Build’ or ‘Buy’? Why not ‘Blend’?

Your team is capable of a lot, but partnering with Peak can give you the boost you need to stay on time, on budget, and accelerate your AI transformation.

You get a winning combination of AWS and Peak technology, as well as Peak’s industry expertise and data science support.

In short, you get everything you need to succeed with Decision Intelligence.

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