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A new Decision Intelligence system, putting AI in the hands of commercial leaders to drive great decision making.

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A new type of system, built for Decision Intelligence

CODI, our Connected Decision Intelligence system, has been engineered by Peak to become a layer of intelligence that sits between your other systems, unleashing the power of your data for the first time.

CODI is the full stack AI system

Rapidly deploy AI solutions

Rapidly deploy AI solutions

CODI enables you to quickly deploy AI solutions, harnessing the true potential of your data thanks to its unique full-stack features.

Empower your teams

Empower your teams

It allows data science and data engineering teams to take full control of every aspect of building and deploying AI solutions, at speed and at scale.

Real world results

Real world results

With CODI, AI projects move beyond being just experiments and become fully-deployed solutions that deliver real world value and results.

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Built on enterprise-grade infrastructure, CODI is capable of handling data at scale, and seamlessly integrates into existing tech stacks.

CODI lets you do three powerful things

One system. Many, many use cases

Our customers often start with a specific business challenge in mind that we’ll help them solve.

Over time, more data sources and information are added into CODI across various business functions. The same system then becomes the powerhouse for driving great decision making across the entire business, all the time.

Ready to see what CODI can help you acheive?

Peak has the technology, strategy, services, and support to help you succeed with Decision Intelligence – and use AI to drive profit and growth for you, all the time.

CODI allows data teams to move fast

Far more than a general purpose AI platform, CODI allows data teams to create and use Decision Intelligence solutions, fast.

Effective data management

Secure and scalable storage enables you to use data in any format, and easily transform it to be model-ready

Easily build and configure models

Provides data scientists with the tools they need to build, train, and configure sophisticated models, using their preferred methods and best practices

Seamlessly create APIs and apps

Access and consume outputs in a format that suits your needs – either via a custom-built application in CODI, or exported via API into your existing applications

Data connectors

Connect to a vast array of data sources, including all major data warehouses and SaaS applications.

Data processing and management

CODI supports multiple data formats including SQL, NOSQL, JSON, and more.

Model build and configuration

In-built workspaces for Jupyter Hub and RStudio that can be configured in one-click, removing any MLOps requirement for the user.

AI workflow orchestration

An intuitive visual interface for orchestrating all the building blocks of a solution into a end-to-end AI pipeline.

APIs and apps

Deploy AI models as scalable, on-demand REST APIs with a single click.

It's easier than you think to begin your journey

Download our ‘How to get started with Decision Intelligence’ whitepaper today to read about the best path to becoming a truly AI-driven company.

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