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Inventory optimisation using AI

Optimise across multiple sites

AI powered forecasting

Maximise your profitability

Optimise your profitability

Inventory optimisation without AI isn’t true inventory optimisation. Our AI system allows businesses to crunch the numbers on their stock, customer demand, capacity and dozens of other factors to create accurate forecasts. Our inventory optimisation system allows

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The benefits of using AI

  • Waste reduction

    Reudce product wastage by avoiding overstocks

  • Profit maximisation

    Peak's AI system can identify products at risk of requiring discounting before it happens

  • Avoid stock issues

    Our AI system identifies the products at risk of going out of stock so you can re-order in time

  • We work with your data

    Peak's systems can ingest data from dozens of different sources for accurate forecasting

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Get in touch with the Peak team to discover how AI could solv e your inventory management headaches.

Case Study: Speedy

“We are benefiting from being an AI-driven business, with significant asset savings identified and, through re-segmentation, strong revenue growth in focused segments.”

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We educate on the best way for supply chain-reliant businesses to prepare for AI, tell you what works and what doesn’t, as well as talking through the best steps to take for implementing AI in an impactful and efficient way.