True and Peak

True x Peak Roundtable event

Date: 4 October 2022

Time: 08:30

Location: True House 29 Buckingham Gate London SW1E 6NF

True and Peak are teaming up to bring you a roundtable event where we discuss the state of AI, how your organisation benchmarks, and what you can do next to accelerate your own AI journey.

As we transition into the Intelligence Era – a fourth Industrial Revolution characterized by Artificial Intelligence (AI) – digital transformation will increasingly focus on embracing AI and the software that enables its build and adoption.

This session will share insight from a recent survey conducted by Peak of 775 decision makers across UK, US and India. This report provides a snapshot of the attitudes to and progress being made on digital transformation, automation and AI by businesses across these regions, and will allow attendees to benchmark how they are performing compared to other businesses in their sector.

We will then also run through some examples and case studies to help you understand how you can tackle some of your biggest businesses challenges by using AI driven decision making.

We want you to leave today’s session understanding:

  • Why everyone is really talking about AI.
  • Where AI can and importantly, cannot help you.
  • How your AI maturity maps to your peers and whether there is, or is not, a gap to close…

This interactive session will feature talks and input from:

Zoe Hillenmeyer, Chief Commercial Officer, Peak
Tom Summerfield, Retail Director, Peak

The event will wrap up around 12pm.


The State of AI - A short keynote covering our report and a discussion of key findings. Where is the world up to with AI adoption?

Your adoption - How can you assess where you're at, and find the best next steps for accelerating your own AI adoption? What's holding you back? What advantages do you have? What should be your next priority?

Use cases - Where should you go next? Discussion of case studies/use cases.

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