Ensemble | Design and Exploitation of Novel Hardware for Unconventional Computing

Ensemble | Design and Exploitation of Novel Hardware for Unconventional Computing

Topic: Non-standard computing

Guest Speaker: Dr Matthew Dale

Date: Wednesday 29 January 2020

Time: 12:00 – 13:00 GMT

Location: Peak HQ, 12th Floor, Neo Building, Charlotte Street. Manchester, M1 4ET.

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Event Description

Ensemble is an artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science event held regularly at Peak in Manchester. Like an ensemble model, the event will allow learning through exposure to a diverse set of experiences. Each month, a top researcher from the fields of computer science, statistics or operational research will be invited to present their work. The audience will be made up of data scientists, software engineers, researchers and company CIOs from tech companies and universities.

This will be a great opportunity to learn and network with fellow professionals and academics in the field.

Speaker Bio:

Matt is the Research Associate for the EPSRC project “SpInspired: Spin-Inspired computational representations”. The project focus is to develop a generic computing framework for novel computational substrates using exemplar systems such as NMR spectroscopy and disordered carbon nanotube materials.He is currently based in York’s Cross-disciplinary Centre for Systems Analysis (YCCSA) at the University of York. Matt also completed his PhD (DSTL scholarship) in Computer Science at York titled “Reservoir Computing in materio” which received the award for best thesis. The thesis applied concepts from machine learning and bio-inspired computing to programme and exploit unconventional substrates.His current research focus is to use this generic framework to design, characterise and exploit a wide variety of new analogue computing devices for applications in edge computing, control and automation.

Talk abstract

In this talk, Matt will show how artificial intelligence can help design and build new powerful (unconventional) computing systems that were impossible to control or conceive of before. Inspired by nature and the physical world, we harness the existing properties of materials/systems – rather than impose them – and evolve their design through artificial evolution towards our needs. Matt will give examples of current systems including electronic, optical, chemical, and even some stranger systems. Then, Matt will discuss some key challenges and how the team at York are attempting to solve them.

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