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As of 25 May 2018, organisations that handle and process the data of EU residents must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a regulation for protecting the personal data of individuals in the digital age. It supersedes the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Peak and GDPR

Under GDPR, Peak is a data processor. Both data owners and data processors are equally responsible for ensuring compliance with GDPR. However, this does not mean that Peak and its customers are not able to hold and process personal data. In general terms, it means that:
  • Any personal data used must be done so for a reason or business process that the individual has given permission for, or that the business has a ‘legitimate business interest’ in using and holding
  • Any personal data must be able to be permanently deleted, at the request of the individual, by any data owner or processor (the ‘right to be forgotten’)
  • Any data breaches or losses must be reported to the information commissioner’s office (ICO) within 72 hours

Peak and GDPR Compliance

Peak is committed to ensuring that we are compliant with all legislation pertaining to data, data protection and GDPR. We have added features to the Peak AI System which support us and our customers adhering to GDPR, including:


  • Our platform and processes support the deletion of any personal data at the request of individuals
  • In such an event, our monitoring systems will enable any data breaches or losses to be fully reported to the ICO under compliance with GDPR

Protection for our customers

In addition to the above, Peak has built features into our system to give additional protection to us and our customers that are over and above the requirements under the GDPR:


  • The Peak AI System encrypts all data in transit and at rest
  • The Peak AI System has a GDPR ingest feature that identifies personal data and sensitive data using machine learning. To do this, our customers’ data is sampled before being fully ingested into the Peak AIS and proprietary algorithms identifies any personal data or sensitive data. It then automatically publishes a report to help both parties either ignore or selectively ingest personal data. This then enables:

      • A choice as to what data is moved to Peak from our customer’s systems
      • The anonymisation of all personal data in the Peak AI System, with any raw (deanonymised) data being held under strict access rights (and encrypted).

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A quick chat with one of our experts will help you understand how your business can do great things with data.