What is an AI System?

Manage the full AI workflow

The Peak AI System manages the entire AI workflow – from ingesting raw data to a fully-deployed AI solution integrated back into business systems to deliver real world outcomes.

The workflow starts with the ingestion of data through in-built connectors to a wide range of data sources. All ingested data is screened through Peak’s proprietary GDPR algorithm to identify and anonymize any personally identifiable information (PII.) Once data has been successfully ingested, it can be unified and transformed using a suite of data management tools.

The Peak AI System contains a library of AI solutions than can be applied and configured to meet specific business challenges – ranging from on-site recommendation engines to pick-face optimization within a distribution center.

Once a solution is live, the predictive and prescriptive outputs can be exposed through APIs for system integration or explored and exported directly from the AI System user interface.

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