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Demand AI

Successfully managing customer demand is crucial to maximising business profitability. Holding too much stock ties up capital and can lead to excessive discounting. Too little (or poorly allocated) stock results in missed sales.

Demand AI makes it possible to predict demand in granular detail, at scale. It enables businesses to act on demand signals to efficiently manage buying, stock and pricing – leading to increased profits and efficient use of capital. 

Crucially, it supports and empowers merchandising teams, giving them more time to focus on the creative aspects of their role, and less time number-crunching in spreadsheets.

Optimise demand, maximise profit

Peak’s Demand AI starts by creating a Predicted Demand View, which combines a business’ historic data on products and customers with AI to intelligently forecast demand.

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Peak delivers real outcomes for real businesses, with our growing customer base enjoying some incredible results…

Significant increase in return on capital employed (ROCE) though
AI-powered forecasting


We discuss all things AI for merchandising, and why a combination of the technology and people is the key to success.

You’ve read the case study and watched the webinar – but what could AI do for you? Arrange a chat with our team to find out how your business could benefit from Peak’s Demand AI offering…

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Demand AI enables AI-guided, human decisions that help merchandisers efficiently predict and managed demand. Find out how it could help you in our free guide.

Rapid results, short time to value

We understand that every business is different, and our unique proposition has been developed to make it quick and simple to get started on your AI journey – with a focus on rapid results and a short time to value.


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Our pioneering Demand AI solution provides businesses with the technology they need to enhance the way they manage and forecast demand, with a focus on profitability. To discover how you could benefit, get in touch with Peak to arrange your free AI discovery call.

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