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Hi Reckitt team ?

Welcome to your Investing in Future Capabilities HQ! Reckitt’s AI and Automation team have been working with Peak to understand how we can apply intelligent pricing decisions to boost Durex’s online sales.

This could be driven through the Reckitt web store or other channels, such as Amazon. We are proposing to number-crunch your data to better understand price sensitivities across the product range, which will then be used in AI models to determine pricing strategies.

What is an Investment in Future Capabilities (IFC)?

Reckitt has asked Peak to demonstrate the feasibility, scalability and value of our capability to provide pricing recommendations.

The full IFC document, linked below, contains Peak’s ideas for how we would demonstrate capability in each of these areas. Similar to a proof-of-concept project, the IFC will be built by Peak with these specific goals in mind, and will act as a springboard for a fully-fledged solution.

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