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Customer AI

Customers’ relationships with brands are changing. They are becoming ongoing conversations and relationships, with multiple and continuous interactions. Customers now expect personalisation, at every brand touch point.

The modern day customer is much happier to share their data to receive a better, personalised experience – and that data can be leveraged with artificial intelligence (AI) to great effect. It adds an extra layer of intelligence into marketing, sales and e-commerce operations, driving personalised conversations with customers to improve customer acquisition, lifetime value and brand loyalty, ultimately improving revenue growth.


Say hello to Customer AI – the future of customer experience.

It allows retailers to offer a frictionless, unified commerce experience across all channels – whether customers are browsing in store or shopping on their smartphones.

Customers expect more

Using AI, you can truly personalise every interaction that your customers have with your brand, ensuring you’re putting the right content in front of the right people, at the right time. This leads to reduced acquisition costs, increased sales and faster business growth. Here’s how it works…

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Success stories

Peak delivers real outcomes for real businesses, with our growing customer base enjoying some incredible results…


increase in marketing campaign revenues thanks to AI-powered, personalised communications


increase in sales levels and a 35% reduction in operational costs – achieved in a period of just 30 days


return on social media advertising campaign spend, through AI-powered audience targeting and acquisition

You’ve read the case studies – but what could AI do for you? Arrange an AI discovery call with our team to find out how your business could benefit from Peak’s Customer AI offering…

The future of customer experience

Customer AI starts by creating a Predicted Customer View, which brings together all your historical customer data and augments it with AI-powered predicted values such as estimated lifetime value, churn risk, segmentation and more. From here, three further AI solutions can be employed to drive business actions and results:

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With an AI-powered view of your customers, you can target them in better, smarter ways.

To find out more about how you could benefit from introducing Customer AI into your business, download our free guide.

Rapid results, short time to value

We understand that every business is different, and our unique proposition has been developed to make it quick and simple to get started on your AI journey – with a focus on rapid results and a short time to value.


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