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Peak AI PaaS(beta)

The future of enterprise AI is here.

Peak’s AI System is a brand new category of enterprise product. We call it AI Platform-as-a-Service and it empowers data teams to build, train and deploy machine learning solutions at scale and at speed.

Often data scientists spend more than 80% of their time on tasks other than building machine learning models. These tasks range from cleaning data, collecting data, data munging, feature extraction and managing infrastructure for machine learning solutions.

Proof of concepts often fail to make it to production due to the difficulty of deploying within the enterprise. This is caused by complexity in the data science workflow and infrastructure, and these are the complex problems that Peak solves.

With Peak, data scientists are able to spend their time on machine learning. Armies of engineers are no longer needed to support machine learning in production. Time to deployment is rapidly shortened.

Peak is a new category of product – one that combines the three critical components necessary for enterprise AI deployments:

1: Infrastructure

Data handling, storage, compute, scaling, extensibility, security and robustness.

2: Workflow

The workflow of taking raw data, interpreting it, joining it, transforming it, feature extraction, model training, orchestration and deployment.

3: Solutions

Ready-to-use machine learning solutions and business solutions.


We built the infrastructure so you don’t have to. Your data team can now focus their time on the building and deployment of AI solutions in production.


The architecture and processing power to meet all project requirements, applicable to data sets large or small.

Optimised costs:

Only pay for the server and the storage costs you’re actually using.


Built to industry best practice and the highest level of data security. All with easy data governance.


Use Peak’s ready-made machine learning and business solutions, or build your own.


Connect all your business systems within minutes and power the whole enterprise with AI.


Our AI System and service fits perfectly into your existing business.